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March is the graduation season in Japan.This is a thank-you bento for teacher (=^・^=)
He looks like  bear… hahaha


Spring will coming soon,,,
but this is KIKILALA’s winter version charaben ♥

KIKILALA is made by few kinds of sausage and snow cristal is egg^^
Side dishes are colorful and looking nice ☆彡


Sweet angels charaben ♥
Flowers are made by hum (*^。^*)
Purple rose is by  purple cabbage…\(~o~)/


♪ Smile Puricure – Cure Happy charaben ♪
Put  the cooking sheet  on sandowitch and put on Puricure chocolate (*^。^*)
Kids are all happy with this ♥ Puricure drawing is  by red food coloring on white chocolate base (*^。^*)


Adult Paradise Kiss charaben !!
Hum and Cheese put on a sandwitch and put on an illust what drawn by seaweed and done ♥
Charcters illust is seaweed cutting, it’s amazing works \(~o~)/


This weeks anime charaben is “POKEMON” !!
It’s Pichu and Pokemon-ball and of course you can eat (@o@);
Amazing, isn’t it ^^


“Paradice Kiss”… Miwako’s charaben ♥
Hum and Cheese put on a sandwitch and Miwako’s illust is drawn by seaweed (^_-)-☆


Look it this,,, DRAGONBALL charaben !!!
Goku is made by hum, chese and sausage. What an amazing lunch ★



The deformed Luffy (ONE PIECE) charaben !! It’s  too good for eat ♥

Anime “Paradise Kiss” charaben !!
Put a Yukari and George made by hum and cheese on sandwitch ♥ act of God \(~o~)