Category: B) Pianoa-mama’s Small World


Colorful spring imaged bento (*^。^*)♥ The right kind of food !!
Let’s go to bloom gazing with this bento box  ☆彡



Lovely heart bento by Pianoa-mama.
Add a bit idea than it’s becomes so cute bento ♥︎


イチゴづくしのお弁当Strawberry berry bento.
The season which strawberry  is tasty coming ♥︎ Make a cute bento imaged strawberry♥♥♥



Teddy bear sandwich for Valentine’s day ♥♥♥


Teddy bear ♥ Piggy ♥ Baby chick rice ball (*^。^*) Looks so nice !!


Bento what is many Rilakkuma in it (*^^*)
Kiiroitori is also cute ♥


Make a ribbon by egg and ham ♥
Mashed potato teddy bear is so cute~ ♥♥♥


Colorful bento ♥
Mashed potato teddy bear is so cute ~ (*^。^*)♥


Mashed potato sweet angels on the rice ♥ It’s for kids birthday (*^。^*)
Birthday cake in middle ♥


Angel lunch box ♥
Decorated ham, cheese, carrot and here’s a christmas kawaii bento (^_-)-