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Naohaha’s obento #34


Sweet puppy lunch box !!! So cute ♥♥♥


Naohaha’s obento #33


Panda bear cosplay girl charaben !!!
Panda bear cloth and girl’s face is made by rice ball.
So cute lunch box ♥


Beautiful icing cookie collection ♫
Ribbon and flowers decorations are so cute ♥


Smile panda bear bento (=^・^=)
Rice ball is very simple but it became so cute bento like this only add small idea !!


Lovely kitty angel icing cookies !!!
These are all homemade cookie ❥❥❥


Make a ribbon by egg and ham ♥
Mashed potato teddy bear is so cute~ ♥♥♥

Naohaha’s obento #32


Pand bear, teddy bear and piggy mini rice balls lunch box !!!
So cute piece,,, don’t want to eat it >o<


Sweet kitty icing cookies !!!Flowers in tail is so cute ♥


Colorful bento ♥
Mashed potato teddy bear is so cute ~ (*^。^*)♥


Mashed potato sweet angels on the rice ♥ It’s for kids birthday (*^。^*)
Birthday cake in middle ♥