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Homemade Halloween icing cookie collections ☆彡
So cute and don’t want to eat… (>o<)/

Funassy ★ Charaben


This is very popular Yuru-character ♥
I think “Kumamon” is more popular in oversea but most popular character is “Funassy” in Japan now.
Here’s a Funassy’s charaben \(~o~)


Cute Mel-chan which is on the pink colored rice ♥
Use ham and cheese uniquely than your lunch box will be very cute like this (^_-)-


Lovely angel icing cookies ☆彡
So cute pieces !!!!!


♪Flower shaped rice ball with a napping piggy♪
Cute flower shaped rice ball with mashed potato piggy ♥
A honeybee and small flowers are made by cheese (*^_^*)


Put a ham and cheese on rice and sandwich and Luffy drawn seaweed on the top,,,

than here’s a Luffy’s charaben (^_-)-


Colorful kawaii kitty icing cookies ♥
Don’t want to eat (>o<)


White teddy bear’s mini rice ball. White rice ball with ham-ribbon and cheese-nose♥
Black part is seaweed and cheek is by ketchap ♥♥
Than,,, here is a cute white teddy bear (*^^*)


This is a colorful Mamegoma bento. It’s all made by mashed potato(=^・^=)
The float is x-section fish meat sausage and connected by pasta,,, so cute isn’t it ♥


Lovely chocolate teddy bear lunch box ❥
Chocolate bread with cute meals,,, yummy!!