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Lovely teddy bear spring charaben.
Mashed potato teddy bear and pink dots and strawberry decorations are on sandwitch ♥



Here’s a cutie bunny riceball charaben ♥♥♥
Eyes and nose are seaweed, ears and hands are sausage !!!

Super Mario charaben


Here’s a Super Mario lunch box (charaben) !!
Mario is made by rice, seaweed and sausage ☆彡


Look it this !! Totoro and Makkuro Kurosuke (pitch-black blackie) ☆彡
Of course you can eat all of it,,, but I know you don’t want (;_;)


Strawberry girl is in strawberry mini cup (*o*)/
You cna see real strawberry left side,,, that means strawberr girl is so small ♥
Very lovely isn’t it ?!


Sweet pinky bunny charaben ❥❥❥
So lovely and don’t want to eat it… ;_;


Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma charaben !!
Rilakkuma is based hum and Korirakkuma is based cheese,,, so sweet ♥

2012年01月16日 カドリーベアーのコピー

Teddy bear looking you from top of riceball ♥
Make an ears and ribbon by hum (^_-)-

Cinnamon charaben

o04000600117634146612012-01-30 シナモンのコピー

Cinnamon charaben !!
Can you see what ceaks are ♥ shape ?

20101130♪Happy Birthday オリビアン♪~シキジカのラブリーサンド~のコピー

Sand a cream into white chocolate and put on sandwitch ♥
And put Shikijka’s white chocalate on it (*^^*)
Pinky rose is made by mashed potato ~(^_-)-