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Babe’s celebrate mini cup cake !!!
Mai made this cake for her friend’s birthday ♥
I would be a very happy if get a cake like this  (=^・^=)♥


Loo it this *^^* Here’s kitty rice ball charabe  ♥♥
My boy’s favorite and he requested me to make this !!!

Do you know kid’s hero “Anpanman” (Red Bean Bread Man) !
Here is mini Anpanman charaben @o@ What a cute *

This is a not charaben but amazing character sweets ♡♡
Wow Kitty cake \(*o*)/ The basic parts is a bit difficult to made but without that not so much…
Specially decolation is easy so please try to make your own special character cake !!

Wow look it this \(*o*)/  Teddy bear sandwitch ♥
What a sweet lunch ~~

Momoiro (pinky) teddy bear charaben !!!
What a cute ! Can’t wait a lunch time ♥

Here’s sleepy  bunny lunch !!!
So cute and don’t want to wake-up her … ^ ^

This is a rabbit  charaben !!
Mom humor a baby rabbit,,, what a cute lunch !!
Don’t want to eat…